Remembering: The 2nd XI 2014/15 Premiership

The club may have had to wait a while between drinks the last time the 2 nd XI were premiers, but they only had 12 months to wait after their 2013/14 Read more

Club announces partnership with "The Nott"

St Pauls Cricket Club have today formed a partnership with the Notting Hill Hotel, in conjunction with Furphy Beer. As part of the partnership, The Nott Read more

Remembering: The 2nd XI 2013/14 Premiership

Incredibly, the 2 nd XI hadn’t been back to the finals since their last Premiership. They’d endured some lean years at Southern Reserve, but 2013/14 would Read more

Remembering: The 1st XI 2011/12 Premiership

It had been a long time between drinks for the 1 st XI, 18 years to be exact, and after a Grand Final loss and a Semi Final loss in the two seasons beforehand Read more

Club upgrades training nets

The club yesterday has completed works on their cricket nets, laying synthetic on the two top nets furthest from the clubrooms. This move allows the club Read more

Remembering: The 2nd XI 2006/07 Premiership

A lot needs to go right for a team to win a Premiership, and the 2 nd XI in 2007/08 was no different on their way to the Premiership. It’s scarcely believable Read more

2017 Annual General Meeting and 2018 Committee

St Pauls Cricket Club held their 55th AGM at the Notting Hill Hotel on the 15th of May, where the committee summarised the 2017 season to the members Read more

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